Legacies is One of Cincinnati’s Best Jewelry Stores

jewelry for sale at Legacies

We aren’t a jewelry store per se; because we sell much more than just necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and brooches. But customers who stop in for furniture or home décor are often delighted at the quality and variety of jewelry offered at Legacies Upscale Resale in the Hyde Park Plaza.

Cincinnati Has Many Places to Buy Jewelry, but Legacies Offers More

While we sell everything from rare antique pieces to contemporary costume jewelry, fine jewelry is one of our specialties. As with furniture, rugs, lamps and the myriad other items we sell, owners of fine jewelry often turn to consignment when they want to update their look, liquidate assets or settle an estate.

But just because the seller or donor is letting go of a piece doesn’t mean you might not love it. It may be EXACTLY the thing you have searched high and low for!

Like other stores in Cincinnati that carry used jewelry, we sell rings, bracelets, necklaces, diamonds, pearls, gemstones, watches, gold, silver and platinum at prices far below retail. Unlike some competitors, we do not sell tarnished, unclean, broken or poorly-maintained jewelry. Everything in our store is ready to wear.

Why Buy Pre-Wwned Jewelry at Local Stores Like Legacies?

Many people seek out pre-owned jewelry for the bargains: while well-crafted vintage or antique pieces made from quality materials are nearly indistinguishable from new, you may only pay 30-50% of the original price.

But there are many other reasons to shop hidden-gem jewelry stores like Legacies in Cincinnati.

  1. Older items can be priceless–not just in terms of materials and craftsmanship, but also in terms of style. Before machine- and laser-cutting, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and amethysts were cut by hand, and each stone was unique.
  2. Many beloved designs never went off-trend, but are hard to find (or are very expensive) today, while others have outlasted decades of fashion shifts and are hip again. Gold, silver and diamonds age well if properly maintained. The patina of platinum actually becomes more developed the older the piece.
  3. When buying from consignment jewelry stores, you are purchasing something not available in a “new jewelry” retail store. Older pieces have their own history, along with gravitas, beauty and individuality rarely found in today’s market, even at the highest price points. You simply can’t replicate the cache of a piece of jewelry worn and loved by generations.
  4. Jewelry consignment is like recycling in terms of environmental consciousness. With consignment, you can acquire exquisite, one-of-a-kind treasures without the destructive production of gem mining.

What Can You Find at Legacies that Other Cincinnati Jewelers Don’ Have?

Our stock constantly changes, but on any given day, you may find a wide range of vintage (over 50 years old), antique (over 100 years old) and estate (previously owned by a person now deceased) jewelry here. We may have luxury watches, necklaces and bracelets with precious or semi-precious gemstones, or stunning engagement rings.

You could score an art deco find, a Cartier or Tiffany, or a classic pair of diamond stud earrings. We even have contemporary fashion pieces and higher-quality costume jewelry from time to time. Best of all, Legacies’ jewelry prices are as wide-ranging as our selection—and we often run special jewelry events, when all jewelry is marked down.

The Something-Extra of Legacies

When deciding where to go look for new-to-you bling, there’s another great reason to consider Legacies. Where else does your purchase help people affected by cancer? Our profits are split between consignors and The Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky (CSC). This nonprofit supplements traditional cancer treatment with support groups, educational classes and healthy lifestyle workshops all over town.

We are much more than a “jewelry store,” but for affordable, quality jewelry in Cincinnati that gives back to the community, start your treasure hunt at Legacies. Exploring all the options, you might find that perfect piece to wear now–-and eventually pass down to the next generation.

We look forward to your visit!

Legacies Upscale Resale
Hyde Park Plaza
3854 Paxton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45209