Dressing You and Your Room for Zoom

April 15, 2022

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Want to spice up your next Zoom call? Legacies Upscale Resale can help–and it won’t break the bank, either.

If you have a big presentation, meeting or interview coming up, some extra touches–easy to find at Legacies–can amp up your confidence and cool factor.

What to Wear

1. Real clothes

You might feel more comfy with PJs or sweats on the bottom, but will you feel as professional? What if you accidentally stand up to get something? Play it safe with business clothes.

2. Color

Solid colors like blue, purple, grey, navy, coral and green work best on camera. Red can be problematic.

3. Clothes with stretch

If you have several meetings in a row, think professional AND comfortable. A constricting blouse, jacket or dress will have you wriggling to make adjustments (not a good look). Look for clothes that allow you to stretch, reach and relax between meetings.

4. Accessories on top

Have fun treasure-hunting for vintage jewelry at Legacies—like big earrings, chunky necklaces and layered rings. We also offer a wide range of silk scarves that can add pizzazz to a neutral outfit.

5. Form-fitting tops

Blousy tops can look untidy or too casual for a business meeting. Lean toward form-fitting tops (with stretch!).

If you need a sweater or shawl to keep warm, try layers or a long-sleeved shirt instead, or keep a blanket in your lap. A sweater with a chunky necklace is a nice look.

6. Big patterns (not small)

Small ones can sometimes cause a flickering effect.

7. A-line dresses and skirts

These solve the ‘what to wear on the bottom’ dilemma. An A-line dress ensures the top of your body looks tidy and professional, while allowing your legs freedom of movement.

How to Dress Your Background

1. First things first: lose the clutter

Tidying up a bit can make a huge difference. Take out any items or furniture in your Zoom frame that don’t add. Clear out busyness from behind your camera. Reshelve books, move your extra phone and chargers, slide office accessories out of the frame. Even after the Zoom call is over, your desk will feel freer.

2. Add art or wall décor from Legacies

A solid background with a large piece of art is preferable to a hokey beach scene. Legacies has beautiful framed art in all styles to give your Zoom wall some personality.

Use a room in your house with a blank wall (to put the art), and avoid doorways to prevent unwanted guest appearances!

Eclectic wall accents like mirrors, tapestries, rustic plaques and metallic sculptures are always easy to find at Legacies, and make a statement without dominating the wall.

3. Floating shelves

These give you space to spruce up your Zoom corner–or zorner–with books, plants or a piece of Waterford crystal from Legacies. An accent table from Legacies can achieve the same aim.

4. Lighten up

Proper lighting can be positively transforming. A light with a high color-rendering index (CRI) shows the true colors of everything in a room. An inexpensive ring light can work wonders if you don’t have natural daylight. An attractive lamp from Legacies can add excitement, whether or not it is on.

5. Add life with plants or flowers

Houseplants make your room look happy and alive, and science has proven they brighten your mood as well. You might find a great pot at Legacies. Pampas grass in a vase from Legacies is easy, low-maintenance and adds height.

6. Keep it simple

A few statement pieces can make a big impact. Simple comes across as “clean” and is easy on viewers’ eyes. A near, minimal background looks professional.