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April Promotion for Legacies’ 30th Anniversary!

We’re celebrating Legacies’ 30th Anniversary! Here’s Our April Promotion This month’s special 30th Anniversary celebration category is…. Crystal, Glass, and Rugs. This includes Waterford! Take 20% OFF your Crystal, Glass, and Rug purchases ALL MONTH LONG in honor of Legacies’ 30th Anniversary! And that’s not all…. Every purchase made in store for any item during […]Read More

Ten Ways to Know you are Drinking from Crystal (and not Ordinary Glassware)

While they look similar and both make great drinking glasses, tableware and decorations, there are many differences between crystal and glass. Here’s an in-depth comparison of the two materials on 10 scores. Composition: Glassware is made primarily from silica heated and molded into the desired shape. It may contain other additives to modify its properties, […]Read More

What’s the Difference Between Crystal and Glass?

glasswareCrystal is a subset of glass. There are three main criteria for crystal as established by the European Union in 1969: a lead content over 24%, a density of more than 2.90, and a reflective index of 1.545. John Kennedy, head of technical services at Waterford (the world’s foremost purveyor of high-end crystal based in […]Read More