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Saving on Waterford Crystal at Legacies

waterford bird and glassesWaterford crystal has defined elegance since the company was founded in Ireland in 1793. Today, their offerings include glassware, serving pieces, cutlery, vases, bowls, photo frames, clocks, candleholders, lanterns, desk accessories, dressing table items (like ring holders and perfume bottles) and more. At any one time you can a wide range of these collector’s items […]Read More

Selling Your Home? We Can Help You Get More

staged homeWith the popularity of home makeover shows, buyers have high expectations these days. They want a home to look current. This is not only visually appealing; it speaks to how well the home has been maintained. Even older buyers do not want a “project” anymore. Everyone wants move-in condition. Homes staged with a neutral look […]Read More

Estate Sales Made Easy at Legacies Upscale Resale

When you find yourself needing to dispose of a large number or variety of previously-treasured household items, it can be tricky figuring out what has true market value and what should go to Goodwill. If you have an entire estate to settle or are moving or downsizing, we can do a site visit to evaluate […]Read More

What’s a Fair Price for Lladró Figurines?

Lladró porcelain figurines are delicate, handmade statuettes created in Valencia, Spain between the 1950s and today. Bought new, the figurines cost anywhere from $100s to $1,000s. The highest price ever paid for a vintage Lladró was $130,000 at auction. Lladró designs illustrate life’s precious moments, which may account for the statuettes’ collectability. The company offers […]Read More

What’s the Difference Between Crystal and Glass?

glasswareCrystal is a subset of glass. There are three main criteria for crystal as established by the European Union in 1969: a lead content over 24%, a density of more than 2.90, and a reflective index of 1.545. John Kennedy, head of technical services at Waterford (the world’s foremost purveyor of high-end crystal based in […]Read More

Tax–and Other–Benefits of Donating to Legacies

moneyYou can save money on your taxes by donating property to Legacies Upscale Resale. Tax-deductible donations are contributions of money or goods to a tax-exempt charitable organization. These donations can substantially cut your taxable income, and at Legacies, they also help people struggling with cancer through Cancer Support Community (CSC). To claim tax deductible donations on your taxes, […]Read More

Collecting Vintage Glassware? What you Need to Know

vaseline or uranium glassA popular category at Legacies Upscale Resale is vintage glassware from Pyrex, Fire-King, Corning and other brands. Pyrex Around 1910, Bessie Littleton acquired a wet-cell battery jar made with a new type of glass her husband, Jesse, had told her about. A research physicist at Corning Glass Works, Jesse was testing temperature-resistant glass for industrial use. […]Read More

Still Popular 129 Years Later: Swarovski Jewelry

Swarovski earringsSwarovski jewelry was born in 1892 when Daniel Swarovski, the son of an Austrian glasscutter, patented a machine that could cut glass into crystals that were virtually indistinguishable from diamonds. To make a Swarovski crystal, quartz sand, potash, sodium carbonate and red lead are melted in a stew at high temperatures. The potash makes it […]Read More

What is Midcentury Modern? How Can You Tell? Why is It Popular?

mid century modern drawers“Midcentury modern” is a hot buzzword. So-called midcentury furniture and design are everywhere–on TV show sets, in fashion and hip restaurants. But what does midcentury modern really means? The word is used very loosely to describe furniture, architecture and graphic design from approximately 1933 to 1957 (experts disagree on the exact years). The time period […]Read More

Identifying Your China Maker, Pattern and Value

fine chinaIf you have acquired heirloom china or glassware, you are probably wondering the name of the manufacturer and the pattern name—along with whether your possessions are of particular value. Here are some clues: The Type There are three main kinds of porcelain, which we Westerners call “china.” Knowing the production process used to make your […]Read More