Where to Save on Preowned Wristwatches in Cincinnati

September 12, 2020

fossil watch

In the market for a designer watch? Shocked at the prices and lack of availability? Here’s a secret: you can find a distinctive, name-brand watch at Legacies, the Upscale Resale shop in Hyde Park Plaza. And no one will ever know you bought it secondhand.

There are other places that sell preowned designer watches in Cincinnati, but few offer the quality and variety you’ll find at Legacies. On any given day, you might find a deal on a luxury watch such as an Anne Klein or a Fossil, or one may have just walked out our door on someone else’s wrist. Legacies’ merchandise changes all the time, so check back frequently!

Why Shop Consignment in Cincinnati for a Watch?

Shopping secondhand timepieces at Legacies is smart for a number of reasons:

  • You can find things not available elsewhere
  • Vintage watches have a certain cachet that new ones do not
  • They can be a good investment
  • They are less expensive than new
  • You skip the initial depreciation of a designer watch
  • Watch trends change, so it makes sense to not break the bank

Plus, Legacies’ watches are always in good repair and you can be assured of years of wear with proper cleaning and servicing.

Finding a Timepiece That Makes the Right Statement

We can all check the time on our phones these days, but the panache of a beautiful watch endures. Why? A watch does more than tell time and look elegant as jewelry. It says a lot about who you are: your tastes, interests, and most of all, style. A watch is often a cherished possession. You might wear a high-end timepiece for decades and even pass it down to your children.

There are watches that cost a few dollars and watches that are worth more than the average American’s car. Types and functions vary widely. The materials, colors and design of the face and band all make a specific statement. To a degree, you can change that message by switching out the band when you go from season to season or event to event, but you wouldn’t wear a clunky chronograph to a black-tie event, or a leather-strapped dress watch to the beach.

So it makes sense to think about when and where you will wear your Legacies watch—or watches. Our prices are so good, maybe you will find one for every day and one for evenings out!

Finding Watch Value without Leaving Cincy

We sell vintage, casual, and classy watches in excellent condition at great prices. But watches are one of the few things that hold their value, so our prices may not be as low as you would hope. Nonetheless, our prices are much lower than what you would get from a high-end jeweler or watch seller in Cincinnati.

It’s good to be careful buying a preowned designer watch. Not only do you want to make sure it is authentic, but also that the dial and bracelet are in excellent working order. You don’t want the bracelet to be stretched, for example.

You never have to worry about any of that at Legacies. We are careful to authenticate every watch that comes in.

The added value of buying a watch at Cincinnati’s upscale resale shop is that your purchase makes a difference. Every item we sell is either donated or sold on consignment by someone eager to help people fighting cancer.

Our shop is run by volunteers, so our share of the proceeds go to The Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, which supplements medical care with support groups and workshops.