Donating Furniture in Cincinnati, OH

mid century modern drawersWhere to take Cincinnati furniture you no longer need depends on the item’s condition and value.

You wouldn’t donate a mass-produced 2020 chair missing a leg to a high-end consignment shop, nor would you take a mint-condition vintage Howard Miller Wine & Bar Console worth over $800 to Goodwill.

A middle ground is gifting still-useful furnishings to a friend or family member just setting up housekeeping (provided they want what you are offering!). If you are reluctant to say goodbye to furniture you have loved a long time, knowing where it is going can soften the blow.

Where to Take Cincinnati Furniture Donations and Help People Affected by Cancer at the Same Time

Shops like Legacies Upscale Resale in Hyde Park will gladly assess your items to determine whether they might sell on the showroom floor. Donating to Legacies is a charitable act, because all our proceeds from donated furniture, jewelry and other items goes to Cancer Support Community, a nonprofit which provides free programs for people with cancer and their families.

We only take things in very good condition and have limited warehouse space, so be sure to get your items approved before delivering.  Some – not all – approved, donated furniture items may qualify for complimentary pick up/delivery to Legacies.  You can find out if you qualify by sending photos of your items to [email protected]. Be sure to include your location!

Goodwill and thrift shops will take scratch and dent items, especially if they are still functional or have a “fun” factor. One person’s trash is another’s treasure, as they say.

When the Dump is Calling

If your couch or chair is in really bad shape, the best organization to donate that furniture to in the Queen City is probably Rumpke.

If you don’t have a truck or a friend with a truck, you might have to pay someone to take it to the landfill, and there may be a small dumping fee. See if you can combine pieces with family members neighbors in order to avoid paying a full-truck fee for one item.