Where to Buy Artwork in Cincinnati? Try Legacies!

Where Are Cincinnati’s Art Steals?

There are literally hundreds of places in Cincinnati to purchase affordable artwork. Here are just some of the options:

  • paintings at legaciesgalleries
  • studios
  • art shows and fairs
  • community festivals
  • artists’ websites
  • artist collectives like the Pendleton Art Center, Wave Pool in Camp Washington and The Collective in Lower Price Hill
  • art websites like Minted, Absolut Art, Art.com and Etsy
  • frame shops
  • museum shops
  • interior designer studios
  • art and hobby stores
  • furniture stores
  • auctions

Another type of local store that sells original works of art many people don’t think of off the top of their heads is a local art consignment store, such as Legacies Upscale Resale. We carry a wide, ever-changing selection of framed artwork.

If less-expensive artwork is your goal, Legacies might be a good first stop on your search. Everything in our store is priced for quick sale, because we are constantly in need of space for fresh merchandise.

Some of our art pieces are by masters of the past three centuries; we also carry contemporary and new art.

If we don’t have what you are looking for, try again soon: our inventory changes often.

Why Buy Original Works of Art in the Queen City?

There are lots of reasons to buy original art:

  • artwork for sale at Legacies in Hyde ParkIt is usually high quality: you can touch the texture, which adds depth you will not find in a print.
  • Connection: when shopping for art, art-lovers often react emotionally to specific pieces. Falling in love with a painting or sculpture is a great reason to add it to your collection!
  • Self-expression: You can be sure no one else will have the same painting in their living room when you buy from the artist or a gallery/art show. Hanging art you love helps you express yourself through your living space.
  • Investing in an up-and-comer: the Cincinnati art you buy today could have been done by tomorrow’s star, and that piece you bought for a few hundred dollars could be worth thousands. If not, you got a unique piece to enjoy and did your part to help the artist’s career—both by buying their piece and showcasing it in your home.

Getting Help Buying Artwork At Legacies In Cincinnati

Many local galleries have art advisors who can help you figure out where to buy art in Cincinnati. They may have an inside line or whether the artist is gaining in popularity. Through the advisor, or by doing your own research, you can find out if the artist has studied at a reputable art school, shown at prestigious institutions, and/or been included in private and public collections.

At Legacies, we can often tell you a lot about the art for sale. And as a bonus, our artwork is already framed, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

What’s a Fair Price?

Some of the places where you can buy Cincinnati art seem to ask ridiculous prices. What you have to keep in mind is everything it took to get the painting done. The artist may have gone to an expensive art school. Renting a studio to work in is also not cheap, particularly in major cities, where artists have the best chance of making a living. The piece you love may have been the 50th iteration of the concept the artist took months to perfect. The painting, sculpture or decorative object could have taken days to create, and quite a bit of money in materials.

Particularly if the artist is no longer living, art value is a supply and demand situation. But you can find affordable art pieces to make your house a home. Young artists will often sell pieces for under $100, and if you are buying at a local art consignment store like Legacies, the price will naturally be lower.

So when considering where to purchase artwork here in Cincinnati, consider Legacies. Stop in today – we look forward to seeing you!