Shopping at Legacies Upscale Resale and Consignment – Cincinnati, Ohio

We are a unique store with merchandise that our customers compare to high-end shops. There are also some important differences.

Our merchandise is one-of-a-kind. We often hear “Oh, I should have bought that when I saw it yesterday!”

Payment. Legacies accepts cash, checks, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Payment must be made in full.

We sell gift certificates!

All sales are final.


When your Search is Furniture Stores Cincinnati, Try Legacies

There are lots of cookie-cutter places to buy furniture around Cincinnati, but If you are looking for something unique, try Legacies. We offer excellent bargains on secondhand furniture. At Legacies Upscale Resale you’ll find a large selection of antique, vintage and contemporary furniture in great repair. We offer the craftsmanship and “popular-again” designs of days gone by. To find new furnishings made with the same care, you need to visit high-end shops. Our desks, tables, chairs, couches and dining room sets are durable and comfortable. No one would know they are not used. There’s no guilt about buying furniture crafted from rare woods, because you are recycling something made long ago. There’s no checking for sustainable sourcing or the rules of fair trade, either. We only accept furnishings that are in good shape and desirable to our customers. Our reputation depends on delivering the quality and value you expect.