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Looking For Gently Used Furniture? Come To Legacies!

You’re interested in looking for a new piece of furniture, but there are so many options in the Cincinnati area. What to do!? How about a consignment shop? Yes! How about Legacies Upscale Resale, conveniently located in the Hyde Park Plaza? Even better!

Find Furniture At The Consignment Store!

Consider it the ultimate in ethical purchasing. You don’t have to feel guilty about buying furniture made from exotic woods or hardwoods, because it was made years ago. There’s no need to check for environmentally friendly sourcing or fair trade rules. If all else fails, you’re still recycling. You’ll also save more wood by buying previously used furniture than if you tried to recycle a whole stack of books. (And for sellers, even better! If you consign your old furniture through Legacies, you’ll most likely get more for it than if you sold it at a garage sale.)

Consignment stores like Legacies will only accept items that are both in good shape and considered desirable to their customers. And they know that their reputation depends on delivering the quality their clients expect. At Legacies – we only offer the best of the best.

Consignment Store Furniture Quality

Furthermore, the quality of the pre-owned furniture in consignment shops is far above that of thrift stores. Remember that thrift stores often accept donated items that people couldn’t sell at a garage sale; many of these items would have ended up in the trash if not for the promise of a tax write-off. On the other hand, consignment shops like Legacies are respectable retail establishments; many are offering upscale products at modest prices. And if you ARE looking to off load some items for a tax deduction, Legacies is a 501(c)3, so acceptable donated items ARE tax deductible! Win win!

Save Money Buying Furniture At A Consignment Store

You will save a lot of money buying gently used furniture at the consignment shop. Someone else’s gently used couch or table costs a fraction of the price of a new item. Now you don’t have to feel guilty about the price of paying someone else to load it in a truck and take it home.

Alternatively, you can afford that luxurious sofa because it isn’t brand new, and you saved money by not purchasing it at the new furniture store. Ironically, you can often find furniture that is essentially new but at a much lower price at consignment stores. These are typically from the people who decorate a guest room that’s never used before deciding to redecorate years later. They can’t return the furniture, and they may have trouble selling it at a garage sale.

Finding Antique Furniture At The Consignment Store

Consignment shops are also a great way to find antique furniture pieces! Legacies is an ideal place for finding a table or chair that you remember seeing at your grandmother’s house – that beautiful antique set that you can’t find in a new furniture store. Consignment shops are also a good choice for finding complimentary pieces for period decor. Legacies has had several of their pieces in period piece movies recently filmed in Cincinnati (including the movie “Carol” starring Cate Blanchett).

Skip The Garage Sale

Forget perusing garage sales hoping to find a new couch or dining room table. Visit a consignment store like Legacies for furniture. They’ll typically have as wide of a selection as a furniture shop but with far lower prices. You won’t have to choose from the three couches available at the local moving sale. Instead, you can check out many different types couches and divans, selecting the size, shape and color that you want. If they don’t have a good match today, come back next week after their inventory has turned over. Legacies Upscale Resale is closed every Monday to restock – so there are always fresh new options available for you to look at!

Terrific Service!

The service you receive at consignment shops matches the service you receive at retail stores because the business relies on employees providing good customer service. Legacies Upscale Resale has many extremely experienced volunteers who have worked for the organization for many years. They have the knowledge and expertise to answer questions about the furniture on the floor and you won’t feel like they are going out of their way to assist you.

Furniture Shopping’s A Treasure Hunt At Legacies

Shopping at a furniture consignment store like Legacies provides the greatest overall value; you’ll enjoy high quality furniture and customer service at bargain prices. And Legacies has MUCH more than just furniture! While you’re shopping our retail store in Hyde Park, check out our large selection of jewelry, art, accessories and kitchen items. And know that you are making a difference, as all proceeds benefit the Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, offering FREE programs to those affected by cancer. Get a good deal and feel good that you’re helping the community! Stop into our store today!

Visit our store today!

Hyde Park Plaza
3854 Paxton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Legacies Intake – Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Mark your calendars! Our next Intake Saturday will be June 23rd.

To help our Cincinnati area consignors who can’t come to Legacies during the week, our Product Coordinators will be available from 10am – 4:30 pm to accept your items for consignment or donation. (Sorry – furniture items excluded from Intake Saturday.)

Bring us your art pieces, home accessories, jewelry, boutique items and holiday decorations.

No appointment needed for consignment of less than 10 items.
For larger lots, an appointment is recommended.

Please contact us at to make an appointment or with questions.

Schedule Your Consignment Appointment For March 10th!

Call 513-871-8899 to make an appointment

Intake on Saturday, March 10th

Appointments will be available from 10 am - 4 pm on SATURDAY March 10th for consignments and donations to Legacies for Home Accessories, Furniture, Jewelry, Textiles and Boutique items.

We are scheduling these appointments to help consignors who have difficulty coming to see us during the week. Call us at 513-871-8899 to schedule your appointment and please share the news!

Hyde Park Plaza
3854 Paxton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45209

consignment jewelry

Jewelry Wanted – Consign Your Fine Jewelry For Top Dollar!

Looking for some extra cash for the holidays?

We have a VERY special consignment deal for this holiday season!

Our Hope for the Holidays Fine Jewelry Event begins Monday, October 30th and we'll be featuring jewelry through the end of January, 2018. Why is now the best time to consign your jewelry?

Fine jewelry selling for over $1,500 pays the consignor 80%!

In preparation for this special event, we are now taking jewelry consignments in 18k, 14k, sterling, precious and semi-precious stones. We are also accepting high-end designer pieces at this time.

Tiffany, Bvlgari, John Hardy, Cartier, David Yurman and more.

Already have an appraisal on your piece? Please bring it in to your appointment!  Our prices are based upon current re-sale market trends and input from experts in the field. Our jewelry team will work closely with you to discuss price expectations and suggested selling prices. Consignors for this event have selling price approval and Legacies provides secure storage.

Schedule An Appointment!

Make an appointment to meet with our Jewelry department to get started by using the contact form below. If it does not work, please click HERE.

Sell your fine jewelry and spread Hope For The Holiday as all proceeds from Legacies Upscale Resale and Consignment in Cincinnati Ohio benefit Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, which provides free support services to patients and their families.

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    Weekly In-Store Items Update 9/30/2014

    We hope you had a fantastic weekend! As Legacies is generally closed on Mondays for restocking, we want to take this time to let you know about some of the items we are highlighting this week in our upscale resale store, located in the Hyde Park Plaza.

    You can find information and photos of many of our items, on our FACEBOOK PAGE. Some of the wonderful items you can find in our retail location:

    Green damask settee, $150

    Mid-century buffet, $295

    Purple Thomasville chair, one of two @ $395 each

    Cream camelback sofa w/fringe, $795

    Round oak table, $395

    Dooney & Bourke: Burgundy bag, $64, classic blue and tan, $49, bucket bag, $84

    Yellow Coach purse, $127; pink Coach wallet, new, $97

    Esquire leather briefcase, $33

    Lighted bookcase/curio cabinet, $500

    These are just some of the many new items we have coming in every day. Please check out the photos below and stop in to our store this week for the best in Cincinnati upscale resale items!

    Legacies Upscale Resale and Consignment in Cincinnati Ohio

    Legacies Upscale Resale, located within the Hyde Park Plaza in Cincinnati Ohio, offers gently used top quality furniture, home accessories, antiques, jewelry, and art at significant savings. You’ll find names like Baker, Ethan Allen, Sherrill, Stiffel, Waterford, Lenox, Haviland, and more. All proceeds from Legacies Upscale Resale and Consignment in Cincinnati Ohio benefit Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, which provides free support services to patients and their families. Don't forget to sign up for our NEWSLETTER for updates about special events and sales. Visit our FACEBOOK PAGE for tons of information about new items, THE HOPE CHEST, our online store, featuring hand picked one of a kind items, or best yet, please visit us at our retail store Hyde Park Plaza 3854 Paxton Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45209 Phone 513-871-8899