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Saving on Waterford Crystal at Legacies

Waterford crystal has defined elegance since the company was founded in Ireland in 1793. Today, their offerings include glassware, serving pieces, cutlery, vases, bowls, photo frames, clocks, candleholders, lanterns, desk accessories, dressing table items (like ring holders and perfume bottles) and more.

At any one time you can a wide range of these collector’s items at Legacies Upscale Retail shop in Cincinnati’s Hyde Park Plaza.

The Story of Waterford

There is archaeological evidence of glass being prized as far back the Iron Age, about 500 BCE. Medieval documents prove that glass-making was an Irish tradition from as early as the 13th century. What happened between 500 BCE and 1,200 CE is not known, but it is crystal clear that the Irish have long had a talent for the craft.

The Waterford Crystal company propelled primitive glass-making processes into luxury crystal manufacturing:


Waterford was established in 1793 on land adjacent to Merchants' Quay in the Irish harbor town of Waterford. Founding brothers George and William Penrose had a vision of profitably creating the finest quality crystal drinking vessels, along with objects of beauty for the home.

Closing and reopening

The Penrose brothers’ crystal was immediately prized for its clarity and purity of color. They were successful well into the 1800s. But in 1853, the factory fell victim to economic events not dissimilar to today’s business trials. The company closed.

Waterford’s story picks back up in 1947, when Kael Bacik named Czech countryman Miroslav Havel Chief Designer of his “green” Irish glass-making company. Havel studied surviving examples of Waterford crystal at the National Museum of Ireland.

A best-selling pattern

Those patterns became the design foundation for the new company, which took its name from the original Waterford company as well. In 1952, Havel created the Lismore pattern, the world’s best-selling crystal pattern ever.

Partnerships with designers

Waterford collaborations and partnerships with leading designers have elevated their products to the peak of excellence and sophistication, creating a wide range of dining, desk and home décor options.

Why Choose Waterford Crystal?

waterford miscWaterford is the most-collected brand in the world. Many people don’t even use their Waterford pieces, they consider them so valuable!

Crystal is a type of glass. There are three main criteria for crystal established by the European Union (EU) in 1969:

1. a lead content over 24%,
2. a density of more than 2.90, and
3. a reflective index of 1.545.

Waterford sticks strictly to these guidelines, but outside the EU, this definition is usually disregarded. In the U.S., any glass with more than 1% lead content is called crystal.

The minerals used in crystal strengthen it, making possible the thin, yet durable character of crystal glassware. But glass tends to be stronger than crystal, which is why crystal is often reserved for special occasions.

The lead in crystal makes the glass soft, allowing for the formation of detailed patterns and designs you don’t find in glass glassware.

Buying Waterford at Legacies Upscale Resale

Waterford items are frequently given as wedding, anniversary, graduation and new baby gifts. They are used only on special occasions and are virtually indestructible, so when it comes time to downsize, many people need a place to pass on the Waterford they have owned for decades.

The main difference between buying Waterford at retail stores and at consignment shops like Legacies is price. We exist to raise money for the Cancer Support Community (CSC). We take no profit and all our salespeople are volunteers.

Because our Waterford pieces are difficult to distinguish from new, customers can dress their tables and homes with grand elegance—without breaking the bank.

Jewelry Event at Legacies Starting March 20th!

Legacies invites you to stop in and check out our March Madness Jewelry Event starting March 20th and running until April 4th.

We will be offering our largest selection of costume jewelry at our deepest discounts.

Get ready for spring with a jewelry box refresh at prices you can afford!

kitchen items

Kitchenware Event Starts on March 2nd!

It’s that time again! Our annual Kitchenware event is here!

Join us as we showcase a wide selection of new and gently used small kitchen appliances, modern and vintage cookware, table ware, and serving pieces. Some featured brands include Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Oster, Pyrex, Corning Ware, and Dansk.

Event begins in store on Tuesday March 2, 2021.

consigned jewelry

Legacies Is Looking For High End Jewelry For Their Big Jewelry Event

Now through the end of the year!

Legacies is launching its annual high end jewelry event for our 26th Anniversary and we're looking for consignors and donors of:

•    Gold
•    Silver
•    Gemstones (Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, Rubies, etc.)
•    Collectable Costume (Coco Channel, Boucher, Miriam Haskell, Eisenberg, Weiss, etc.)
•    Designer Brands (Cartier, David Yurman, Tiffany, Roberto Coin, Lagos, etc)
•    One of a Kind Art Pieces

Higher consignor splits for jewelry over $200

Do you have any of the above? We want to chat!

Instructions to Consign or Donate Jewelry

1. Call 513.871.8899 or email bblalock@shoplegacies.com to make an appointment

2. Each piece should be cleaned prior to appointment and in its own ziplock bag.

3. Intake sheet should be filled out prior to your arrival for appointment. Request blank intake sheet when you are in the store or ask that one be emailed to you

4. If you have appraisals, receipts or paperwork for the related jewelry, please bring them with you.

The Event begins Tuesday, October 20th at 10am but it runs through the end of the year.

Donated jewelry can be dropped off any time without an appointment; consigned items require an appointment.

Help us kick off the shopping season by donating or consigning your high end jewelry with us.

High End Jewelry Sale and Legacies 25th Silver Anniversary


High End Jewelry Sale and Legacies 25th Silver Anniversary


Monday October 14th 2019 from 5 – 7 pm.


Hyde Park Plaza
3854 Paxton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Join us for hors d’ouevres, wine and sweets! High End Jewelry will be featured, along with Fur Coats, Silver, Holiday Decoration, Tablescapes and more!

Come ready to shop! Buy something for yourself or for those on your gift list.


legacies sale

Details On The Legacies Warehouse Sale!

Welcome to Legacies’ In-store Warehouse Sale!

As with each of our homes, at Legacies we have certain areas in the store where we tend to stack supplies we don’t use, furniture that doesn’t work with other items on the sales floor and dishes we thought would be perfect for a themed dinner party one of our customers could host “some day”. And, just like home, we finally get to the point when we have to clear those areas to make room for all that we can use, all that does match and all that will sell easily. That’s why every January we host our Warehouse Sale!

Furniture and More!

Stop in to see unique pieces of furniture, large area rugs, bolts of fabric – perfect for a project or to update your upholstery. We have office furniture and supplies displayed near the Sales Corner.

We have almost 80 chairs to bring to the sales floor – some singles, some sets.


We have a collection of fun frames for your children’s art, to frame a mirror already on your wall or to make into a bulletin or chalk board. Have you noticed our art? We have a great variety of botanicals, landscapes and portraits of your long-lost relatives. (Make up a great story and have some fun!)

Fur For Winter

During the Warehouse Sale we have reduced the price on our furs – 50% off the lowest price. Now that winter has finally arrived, these beautiful and oh so warm coats and jackets are needed.

It's Not Too Late For Holiday Items!

It’s also the last hurrah for our Holiday items. Wreaths, stockings and dish sets are marked down 75% off the lowest price. Stash these finds away for next year – you’ll be ahead of the game come next December.

Thanks for supporting Legacies and Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We hope to see you at the Warehouse Sale!

Common Thread Sewing Demonstration at Legacies 10/21/2018

If you’d like to take a Sunday drive down memory lane, this demonstration will take you to days gone by.

Two of the Common Thread Student Team sewers, Noel Watkins and Maddie Murphy, will demonstrate how to turn vintage table linens into gifts of hope and wellness in support of the Cancer Support Community (CSC) mission.

These fine young ladies will be creating lovely catheter port pillows and message therapy pillows at the Legacies Upscale Resale Shop, in the heart of Hyde Park Plaza (3854 Paxton Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45209).

Noel and Maddie are fantastic sewers. Their vintage Singer and Necci sewing machines are works of art. Their skills and passion for service are timeless.

We hope you can stop in and say hello.

Sunday 10/21/2018 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Snapshots – Follow on Instagram -- @commonthreadstc

Check out our how-to videos, completed projects and other pictures on our Instagram account. The app is a free download from the App Store to your mobile device. Search for @commonthreadstc.

Thanks for all you do…YOU are Common Thread!!

consignment jewelry

High-End Jewelry Sneak Peek Event at Legacies on 10/29/18

consigned jewelryWHAT:

High-End Jewelry Sneak Peek


Monday October 29th 2018 from 5 – 7 pm.


Hyde Park Plaza
3854 Paxton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45209

Join us for hors d’ouevres, drinks and shopping! Our cases will be packed with beautiful gemstones, silver and gold. Jeweler, Steve Hug will be on hand to share his expertise about redesign options for some of the jewelry pieces.

Come ready to shop! Buy something for yourself or for those on your gift list.

Fall clothing and accessories

Fall Accessorizing Event: October 19 – 21, 2018

Please join us Friday through Sunday, October 19th through 21st. Our volunteers and staff will help you as your personal shoppers. Bring in the jacket, sweater set or blouse that has you baffled - how to accessorize, what type or size of jewelry, which colors to emphasize. We want you to look your best for the fall tailgates, parties and holidays.

Come see what’s trending at Legacies – silk scarves for a pop of color; beautiful, stand out, designer bags and fashion and costume jewelry that makes a statement.

No appointment necessary!

Fall Into Legacies!

Fall Into Legacies! Our Fall Entertaining Spectacular starts Tuesday, September 4th and continues through November 25th. Join us for demonstrations and how-to’s for setting your holiday table, stocking your bar and decorating your space to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and game day!