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Selling Collectibles on Consignment at Legacies

Have any antique or vintage furniture, kitchenware, artwork, decorative items, jewelry, scarves, belts or purses hanging around? Some of them might be worth quite a bit of money. We sell collectibles at Legacies Upscale Resale on consignment. We’ll happily help you determine whether your items are valuable—or not—and help you price them appropriately for quick […]Read More

What’s a Fair Price for Lladró Figurines?

Lladró porcelain figurines are delicate, handmade statuettes created in Valencia, Spain between the 1950s and today. Bought new, the figurines cost anywhere from $100s to $1,000s. The highest price ever paid for a vintage Lladró was $130,000 at auction. Lladró designs illustrate life’s precious moments, which may account for the statuettes’ collectability. The company offers […]Read More