Oh, the Treasures You’ll Find! Scoring Furniture Deals at Upscale Consignment Shops

June 24, 2019

consignment furniture at legacies

If you’re looking for high quality, brand name furniture at great prices, you might want to start your treasure hunt at one of Cincinnati’s best upscale consignment shops.

The consignment concept is simple: consignors bring gently used furniture, antiques, home accessories, and jewelry to a shop; the shop sells the items; then the shop and consignor split the proceeds. Everyone wins, especially you—the shopper—because items are priced to move quickly.

Cincinnati Consignment Store Funding Hope

At the Legacies resale consignment shop in Hyde Park Plaza, there’s another winner: the Cancer Support Community of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky (CSC). Our large store is run by over 100 volunteers, and all profits go to FREE programs that support families facing the challenge of cancer. For over 25 years, CSC has been enhancing the lives of people in the local community by offering free non-medical support and services to improve quality of life and survivorship.

Six benefits of upscale consignment furniture shopping

  1. Yesterday’s craftsmanship. As the saying goes, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.” This maxim could have been written for furniture. You can find gems at Cincinnati consignment shops made when furniture was crafted with materials and skills that are in short supply today. Where you do find pieces with excellent quality–like at small “studio” shops–the prices far exceed ours.
  2. High-end merchandise. When you shop at upscale consignment shops, the furniture sold on consignment is higher-end. Because customers expect the best from us, we are very particular about the furniture we put on the floor. You’ll find beautiful, unique and rare conversation-starters for your home–in great condition–not available anywhere else.
  3. Delightful prices. The consignment business model allows us to offer lower prices than typical retail furniture stores. Consignors want their “babies” (items they love but can’t use anymore) to find good new homes, so they are usually open to friendly pricing.
  4. At consignment shops in Cincinnati, merchandise changes often; at Legacies, we change it daily! Every time you stop by, there will be exciting new home furnishings we just acquired.
  5. A special shopping experience. There’s no rush or pressure when buying furniture at upscale consignment shops, particularly at Legacies. Our volunteer sales associates love learning about customers’ needs, and helping you find that treasure you only dreamed existed in Cincinnati.
  6. The chance to make a difference. Buying from a consignment shop is good for the environment, because you are saving perfectly good furniture from the landfill. And, because we exist solely to raise funds for CSC, every penny you spend at Legacies makes a difference to someone affected by cancer. Your purchases fund professionally led support groups, educational workshops, and healthy lifestyle classes that compliment conventional medical care.

When you want something special, ordinary furniture stores can be a disappointment. They don’t have what you want, the quality is poor, or the prices are ridiculous. For a more rewarding shopping experience, where the variety, quality and prices often exceed expectations, try one of Cincinnati’s upscale consignment shops.

Legacies is open six days a week:

Monday: Closed to restock
Tues – Fri: 10:00am – 7:00pm
Sat: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sun: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Visit our store today!

Hyde Park Plaza
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